GoodSync Enterprise İndir – Full v12.6.8.8 Türkçe

GoodSync Enterprise İndir – Full v12.6.8.8 Türkçe

GoodSync Enterprise İndir is a file backup and synchronization program. It is used to synchronize files between two directories on a computer, or between a computer and another storage device (for example, another computer, removable disk, a flash drive, or smartphone), or between a computer and a computer. Or server remote control.


GoodSync allows maintaining the same file version across multiple computing devices. In other words, when two devices are synchronized, the user can be sure that the most current version of the file is available on both devices, regardless of where the file was last modified.

  • File masks and filters allow the user to define exactly which files and folders to include and ignore.
  • It detects ‘conflicts’ where a file has been modified in both sources and displays these to the user.
  • A tree view of the intended synchronization with multiple views, such as files to be overwritten, files to be deleted,
  • files of the same length but different times, and files to be deleted.
  • Just like SuperFlexible, Allway synchronization, and Unison file synchronization, it can remember the
  • previous state of indexes in a database and, therefore, propagate deletions as well.
  • It can automatically keep backups of old deleted/overwritten files
  • GoodSync can detect when just the time or state of a file has changed and replace it on the other side without copying the entire file.

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